Initial Consultation

On your first visit you will be asked in detail about your problem, general health and medical history. Your pulse is taken and tongue examined. This information is then used to formulate an individual treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. You will be advised of how many treatment sessions you are likely to need. This can vary depending on the type and duration of illness. Generally a recent illness or injury will resolve fairly quickly whilst a longstanding condition will need more treatment.

What happens during treatment?

Treatment involves inserting very fine needles at specific points on the body to regulate the flow of qi. These are usually painless but if you are particularly averse to the thought of needles, acupressure where pressure is applied to the points with the fingers or hands instead can be used.

Treatment may also involve the use of massage, moxibustion (a warming treatment using smouldering herbs), electroacupuncture (using low-frequency electrically-stimulated needles) and cupping (where suction cups are applied to the body).

Most people feel deeply relaxed and experience pleasant sensations during treatment.

If you have any concerns during your treatment, please do not hesitate to phone the clinic.

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